Free delivery in Southern area with the standard transportation method

For the transportation method as requested, we will apply the fee policy according t the transportation units.


Delivery period will be from 1 – 7 days in term of the comon products and from 25 – 30 days in term of the special products

In the objective event, we may be delayed in delivering the products due to for majeure event such as bad weather, inconvenient traffic, vehicles being damaged on the road, issues arising in the time of product issues and deliveries on public holidays.

In the time waiting for the product, if Customer has any further questions about the transportation, kindly contact our hotline for support.


Our service will take responsiblity for the products and risks such as damage to or loss of products during the shipment time from our warehouse to you
Customer is responsible for checking the product when receiving it. Upon finding the product is damanged, scratched, broken, distorted, or wrongly delievered, Customer please kindly signs for confirmation with the Delivery employee and notify our Customer Care Department right away via our hotline number.

After 7 days from the receiving date, if customer does not have any notification or complaint regarding the product, we will not take any responsibilities to your return request for damaged, broken, distorted, deficient, or wrongly delivered products…

If the shipping unit is requested by customer, you shall be responsible for the product and risks such as damage to or loss of such product during the shipment time from our warehouse to you.